"A LIMERICK", c'est une sorte de petit poème humoristique de 5 vers avec des rimes en : a.a.b.b.a... (même si parfois il faut un peu forcer la prononciation !).
Le premier vers comporte en général le nom d'une personne ou d'un lieu.
Cette sorte d'épigramme tiendrait son nom de la ville irlandaise de Limerick. Une spécialité locale ? Peut-être ! Mais toujours avec humour, c'est sûr ...


Marco Polo decided to roam 
To China and back on his own 
He discovered some treasure 
Which gave him great pleasure 
But no-one believed him at home. 


A careless explorer named Blake 
Fell into a tropical lake. 
Said a fat alligator, 
A few minutes later : 
"Very nice, but I still prefer cake."  


A lonely young lady called Dora 
Decided to be an explorer. 
She went from Snowdonia 
To deep Amazonia. 
And now all the natives adore her. 


There was an Indian girl named Darjeeling 
Who was always very fond of learning 
And wrote on her hand 
All those words from England 
Though she didn't quite understand their meaning. 

5 There was a boy called Aldridge 
Who said he had to go to Cambridge 
Because he really wanted to see 
That thing mentioned by his friend Lee 
Which was known as the Mathematical Bridge. 

6 Chester in England is our twinned city 
But it's quite far and that's a pity
'Cause I'd like to go and visit my pen-pal 
Who turned out to be the most extraordinary gal 
And lives, says she, by the river Dee. 

7 Speaking English is compulsory 
So repeating words is necessary 
But we'd rather go to Chester 
And practise with our friendly teacher 
Than stay in Sens and learn the whole dictionary. 


Alfred was a big fat man
Who became a cameraman. 
He enjoyed frightening people 
And suspense he used not a little 
In his films according to his plan.

9 Mr Frankenstein was our Biology teacher 
And he was a rather spooky creature.
We never quite understood 
Why he turned into a bad mood 
Whenever we talked about gothic litterature. 

10 He was Guy, the wise man from Skye
And he wouldn't eat no chiken-pie.
He was ninety-nine years old 
And he had caught a cold.
But nobody imagined he could die.


Whenever I meet my friend Sandy 
She offers me some candy 
And I always say No ! 
Why is that so ? 
'Cause going to the dentist's is not at all funny. 

12 He could fly and was known as Peter Pan
The boy who didn't want to become a man.
His enemy was Captain Hook,
That you've probably read in a book,
And he came to his end in a cayman. 

13 Guy Fawkes is really hated, no joking, 
'Cause he tried to kill the King.
English children burn him once a year 
And that's on the 3rd of November.
They've been doing it for centuries - Astonishing !

14 A flea and a fly were caught in a closed motel 
So what could they do but starve in this hell ?
Said the fly : "Let us flee."
"Yes, let us fly," said the flea.
So they flew through the keyhole and all ended well. 

15 Tom was trying to catch Jerry 
With a net, cheddar cheese and some sherry.
Jerry ate the cheese, 
Escaped the net with ease, 
Drank the sherry and got very merry. 

16 Bugs Bunny was cheating at Ludo,
So Daffy Duck floored him with Judo. 
Elma Fudd got his shooter,
Shot Bugs in the hooter,
And created a new form of Cluedo. 

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