You are a native English-speaker from anywhere in the world, could you spare 10 minutes for us ?

We wish to make a “SPEAKING DICTIONARY” on the Web for those who find it hard to learn English at home in non-English-speaking countries.

All you have to do is :

      1)      go to this web page => lists
2)      pick up any list of words  
3)      read it aloud in front of  your computer with only a one-second pause between the words.
               You will have to use your microphone and a very easy-to-use program such as AUDACITY 
                (free to load at this address :
4)      save your work as a WAV-file (preferably)
5)      and finally send this file attached to a mail to the e-mail address you will find on that page.

 You may, if you wish, add your name, your hometown and your nationality to the mail, and tell us whether you would like it to appear on our Website or not.

 Unfortunately we have nothing to send you for your help apart from our very many thanks.  

You may also have a look at  what we plan to do => "our speaking dictionary"
(Please, be patient, it may take a while to load !)

 Signed :

A group of teachers from France and their pupils (doing this in their free time)